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Q Anon for Beginners

Greatawakening BANNED from reddit!!! Currently down...Replacement Forum Per Q request on Q post#2268

Ever wonder just what is Q?

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Who Or What IS “Q”? In October of 2017 a group of truth seekers, patriots and supporters of (or mostly) Donald Trump) began forming small groups on a part of the ‘DEEP web”, when suddenly on 4chan an entity calling themselves “Q” began dropping some often cryptic messages, puzzles as it were. Eventually "Q" moved to 8chan. The groups began forming and trying to unravel the “drops” as “Q” admonished his followers to “red pill” the people of America to form the Army to help POTUS to defeat evil and restore the rule of law in America.

History of “Q” Biblically “Q” is by biblical scholars Q-source for the first letter of the German word “quelle” that is to say source, the “Q-source” is unknown to these scholars as in the intel drops “Q” is a mystery to the ANONS. “Q” claims to have “Q clearance” which is the highest security clearance of the US government which gives “Q” access to the highest intel which he brings to his followers to interpret and act on.

“Q” has time and again proven that he is very close to President Trump and when his posts are interpreted properly he is more often correct then not. “Q” gives his followers “crumbs” and is very cautious to not violate any secrecy clauses but still sends his followers to wake up the public, saying the TRUTH will set us free and that the truth of the corruption of the “Deep State” is so incredible, so horrific that the populace must be prepared, brought along to the truth, “red Pilled”.

Following “Q” down the rabbit hole into the bright light of truth is a ride. But we are positive our entire life experiences have prepared us for this, and so Where We Go One We Go All!!

You can find links to all the sites that scrub the 8-chan board to give you real time viewing of Q posts HERE.

What is this site?

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In mid March 2018, Reddit banned out sub-reddit CTBS – The Calm Before the Storm with no warning or reason. At the time we had almost 26k subscribers and millions of views. It is because of this event we felt it necessary to put together a site to use as a center to find information and other Anons. It is our hope this can be a tool to help “red pill” people who are new to “Q”. A place they can pick and choose what is of interest to them. Also as platforms are censored from Social Media you can come here to find ways to get back in touch with other Anons.

If you have ANY links to videos or articles on research or information that you feel should be shared here feel free to email us the link and a brief description. We welcome any suggestions as this site is for ALL of us.


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