What is a patriot - What is a loyalist (cont.)

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What is the difference between Patriots and Loyalists?

Definitions of Patriots and Loyalists:

• A patriot is a person who strongly supports his country.

• A loyalist is a person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government.


• A patriot supports his country.

• A loyalist can work for an individual or an organization. This usually refers to a ruler or government.


• A patriot will do anything for his country.

• A loyalist would do anything for his ruler.


• A patriot is more concerned about the country than the government or ruler.

• A loyalist’s support is mainly for the ruler more than for the country.


• A patriot never criticizes his country though he may criticize the ruling party.

Influence of Money and Wealth:

• Both Patriots and Loyalists cannot be lured by money or wealth.

Love for Countrymen:

• A patriot loves his countrymen dearly, but this may not be the case for a loyalist.


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